Gvibe at Erofame 2019 in Hannover

We're happy to have been a part of the great event #erofame2019. We have presented our novelties: Greal (not released yet), GringXL, Gcandy, and a new version of Gpop. We have also launched our own line of lubricants and a toy clesner. It's always amazing to get connected with people that we work with in the atmosphere that surrounded us in Hanover 9-11 October. Thank you for coming up to our stand and tagging us on social media. Feel free to contact us any time for any assistance, trainings, information. Thank you!


Dear distributors and shop-owners/-buyers,

if you'd love to see our new price list or order some products or testers for your shop, please contact our brand ambassador: td@gvibe.com.